Programme (subject to change):

9:00 – 10:00 Panel 1: Building Innovation: Drivers of Change, Industry Development Models and the Role of the Architect

Prof. Dr. Arch. Georgi Stanishev, Founder, Projects GS
Arch. Plamen Bratkov, Co-Founder, Aedes Studio
Arch. Tsvetan Petrov, General Manager, IP Architects
Arch. Angel Zahariev, Founder & Manager, A&A Architects
Arch. Tihomir Kazakov, CEO, Stephen George International
Moderator: Arch. Maria Badeva, The CITY Academy

10:10 – 12:00 Panel 2: Trends in hospitality design: How to respond to the needs and requirements of the modern hotel guest via contemporary design and technology?
In an environment of growing indicators and favorable forecasts, the hotel industry is in an upward market trend. At the same time, the competitive environment, the changing consumer requirements and the transformation of the tourist service as a whole impose new rules and conditions that the hotel product needs to adapt to. How this process affects the way the hotel buildings are designed and realized, and how the modern architectural approach, the design and integration of innovative technologies help us to meet the challenges that the market imposes.


10:10 - 11:00 Part 1:

Arch. Radko Todorov, RT Consult
Arch. Maria Davcheva, Mio Design
Arch. Petko Kostadinov, Manager, Arko Studio
Eng. Dimitar Penev, General Manager, Gypsum and Insulation (Rigips, Isover and Ecophon)
Arch. Hristiyan Kostov, Operations Director, Soliform
Milena Videnova, Managing Director, KONE
Moderator: Nikolay Todorov, Editor-in-Chief, The City Magazine

11:10 - 12:00 Part 2:
Arch. Radomir Serafimov, Atelier Serafimov Architects
Arch. Andrey Velinov, Manager, Vista Point
Arch. Alina Ivanova, Studio 17,5-M
Georgi Beliov, Manager “Buildings”, ABB Bulgaria
Desislava Kardzhova, Director of “Tourism”, COOP
Moderator: Nikolay Todorov, Editor-in-Chief, The City Magazine

12:00 – 13:00 Lunch

13:00 – 14:30 Panel 3: Innovations in Industrial Buildings: The New Generation of Industrial Architecture
Bulgaria is a preferred destination for an establishment of production and logistics centers by international companies from the automotive industry, electrical components, FMCG and others. A major advantage in the realization of a project here is often the lower capital expenditure, which has for a long time resulted in low-cost concepts - industrial buildings without significant added value. But in the recent years, due to the transforming business models and labor market specifics, we are witnessing more and more new-generation industrial buildings that play a key role in the efficiency of the manufacturing process. Buildings that provide maximum comfort and safety to those working in them. How have the trends in the realization of industrial buildings changed and what are the contemporary architectural, constructive and technological requirements and practices?

Arch. Georgi Stoyanov, Managing Director, Architectural Design Studio
Arch. Borislav Domuschiev, Project Manager, Energoproject JSC
Arch. Blagoy Argirov, CEO, Argirov Design
Emiliano PellisExport Area Manager, G.I. Industrial Holding SpA
Eng. Mladen Zahariev, General Manager, Layher Bulgaria
Michel Soria, Rockwool
Yasen Yanakiev, Sales Manager, Hoval Bulgaria
Arch. Dimitar Dimitrov, Technical Manager, IP Architects
Vladimir Andreev, CEO, Cordeel Bulgaria
Moderator: Georgi Vyanev, Head of Marketing and Events, The CIty Media Group

14:40 – 15:50 Panel 4: Retail & Bank Branch Design: Serving Customer’s Needs and Expectations
Consumption continues to be a major driver of the economy which results in an increase in the number of retail shops. The well-known slogan "Location, Location, Location" is not up-to-date because a visit to a concrete retail shop has for a long time not being linked to its location only. The modern user is looking for experience, fun and emotions as added value to traditional "shopping". In the commercial network of the service sector, in particular the bank branches, the current topics are automated processes, self-service zones and changing the way of interaction between the customer and the commercial agents. What trends in the architecture of retail outlets and bank branches are being creating the modern consumer attitudes and how, through design and technology, we can preserve the advantages of a traditional trading site in its struggle with the active inflowing e-commerce?

Arch. Maya Yovcheva, ProArch
Eng. Roman Batsarov, Technical Manager, Knauf AMF
Arch. Gergana Milusheva, CEO, CityScape
Eng. Yavor Arsov, Architect and Infrastructure Project Manager, Orgachim
Arch. Hristo Stankushev, Don’t DIY
Moderator: Ivan Lilov, Manager "Database and Analysis", The CIty Media Group

16:00 - 17:00 Panel 5: Social infrastructure: Sports, culture and education buildings
Sports, educational and cultural buildings have a key role for society. They are publicly available, in many cases they are public investment/property and are positioned on visible locations, making them active players in the formation of urban vision and environment. All these features justify the importance of responsible and professional approach to planning, designing, implementing and maintaining them so that sports facilities, schools and centers, to be sustainable and attractive urban assets.

Arch. Ivaylo Mishev, ATM
Arch. Ivaylo Petkov, CEO, DESET architects
Arch. Ilian Iliev, CEO, Planning
Ivan Burlakov, Technical Consultant, Knauf Bulgaria
Arch. Maria Popmarkova, INT ARH
Arch. Chavdar Georgiev, Georgiev Design Studio
Moderator: Svetla Dobreva, Editor Investment Projects and Infrastructure, The CIty Media Group

17:00 - 18:00 Awarding, Networking and Cocktail – The CITY Academy 2019: Award in the competition for students and young professionals, participated in "Buildings and Interior" contest

* The programme is under development and subject to change

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